18 July 2007

Brown's Religious Freedom Test

Samar RazaviWell done to Anne Widdecombe for raising the issue in Prime Minister's Questions of Samar Razavi, the Iranian woman who is due to be deported later today back to Iran, where she has been sentenced to death by stoning for abandoning Islam and converting to Christianity. The Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, has also joined the campaign to save Samar, saying "It is deeply inhuman and wrong to send her back. I am in no doubt that she is in real danger if the Home Office send her back. I hope they see sense and don't deport her."

This is yet another test of whether the Government will take a stand for religious freedom — let's hope that this time they rise to the occasion, or Samar's blood will be on their hands.

For more on the issue of apostasy and Islam, see Obama, Islam & The West


Mark Clarke said...

Do join the Facebook group to show your support for Samar.



The Stonemason said...

I find this unbelievable, how does the European Convention on Human Rights stop a suspected terrorist being deported to a country where they may be in danger or to a country that has a death penalty, but allow a woman who is actually under sentence of death to be deported?

Anonymous said...

I wholly agree with the stonemason.

"GORDON Brown has agreed to urgently review the case of the Iranian woman .. . . . Samar Razavi was raised by Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe during Prime Minister's Questions . . . ."

Well done Ann Widdicombe - it takes a woman to recognise a woman's plight.

Perhaps if Samar had gone around dressed in black from head to toe - only showing her eyes - the PM might have listened in the first place (I refer to pictures of patient police being harassed by such women this week).

Oxfordshire lady who has lost faith in the present (anti-British) Government.