26 June 2008

Headlong hurtle into a federal Europe?

What will it take to stop the government's headlong hurtle into a federal Europe? The government's refusal to hold a referendum on the ratification of the EU treaty, despite a clear promise to do so, is the subject of a legal challenge. The Irish have rejected the treaty. The Czech's are not prepared to bet £3 that their Senate will say Yes.

And yet Gordon Brown continues blithely on, as he had some overriding mandate to do so. Which he does not.

I have never understood the enthusiasm of any British Prime Minister for making agreements which undermine, and threaten eventually to remove altogether, the sovereignty of this nation. We are a sovereign nation. We have a Queen and a Parliament. Why would we want to subsume ourselves under some other entity?


Adam said...

I wouldn't mind so much if there was a mandate for giving powers away, at least then I could accept that the majority wanted it. Yet I don't know anyone who supports this, so why does the government think it has any right in this area?