24 May 2007

Zimbabwe: Will Anybody Help?

Zimbabwe is dying - will anybody help?Britain is faced with a choice. We have a unique opportunity to stand alongside the people of Zimbabwe as they attempt to reclaim their democratic rights, and we can make a difference.

EU sanctions are beginning to bite on key people in the Mugabe regime, people who are not prepared to back the President if this will damage their own financial interests. However, by using "sleeping partners" in EU countries and transferring assets into the names of other members of their family, the targets are able to avoid sanctions. It is vital that the EU moves to close this loophole by expanding the measures to include relatives and business associates of the Mugabe government, but at present there are no moves to do this.

The highly respected International Crisis Group, which has been monitoring the situation in Zimbabwe, has devised a specific set of recommendations for EU countries. You can play your part by writing to your MP and MEPs, pressing for the adoption of these measures, in your own words or using our sample letter. Please also sign The Difference petition, which will be sent to the Prime Minister, the Minister for International Development, and Peter Mandelson, the EU's Commissioner for External Trade, calling for Britain to use its influence to bring about these changes.

Campaign resources:

Thank you in advance for helping us to make a difference in Zimbabwe. As Amnesty International pointed out yesterday in their annual report on human rights, "Marches, petitions, virals, blogs, t-shirts and armbands may not seem much by themselves, but by bringing people together they unleash an energy for change that should not be underestimated ... People power will change the face of human rights in the 21st century."


Nici Jones said...

i think that it's amazing that people are actually trying to do something about this!
my father was born in zimbabwe, and i really feel like it's my duty to help all those that are suffering.

i have signed the pertition, and i really hope that it will help you in your fight for all those people.

Anonymous said...

We support a couple who are striving to look after orphans and are under continual pressure to abandon them. A genuine change of government would rescue many lives of those who have to remain and those who try to escape across crocidile infested rivers

johnbc said...

visit www.theyworkforyou.com for full contact information about all the people who "work for you" as their constituents: MP's, local councillors, Lord's, MEP's etc.

johnbc said...

appendment: see http://www.writetothem.com/
as well as
to contact your Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free

Vikki said...

hi there, i am a student at the university of brighton. i have an installation piece going in a public gallery in march based on the crisis in zim.
My installation is an interactive piece, i was wondering whether there was anyone who would be able to help me with designing a pertition of some sort which i can attach to my piece - which can make a difference.
I don't know whether this is possible, but just like this site I
could collect names once people have viewed my piece.
If someone is willing to do this my email is harmonichell@hotmail.com.
Thank you Vikki