07 May 2007

Quote of the Day

Nicolas Sarkozy"The French people ... have chosen to break with the ideas and habits of the past. I will thus rehabilitate work, authority, morality, respect, merit"

"Those who have been broken, those who have been worn down by life, must know they have not been abandoned, that they will be helped, they will be rescued. Those who feel that whatever they do they cannot escape, must be assured that they will not be left by the side and that they will have the same chances as others. I call on all the French, beyond their beliefs, beyond their origins, to unite with me so that France starts moving again. I call on everyone to not let themselves be trapped in intolerance or in sectarianism but to open themselves to those who have different ideas, to those who have different convictions."

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president-elect

One feels we could do with a little rehabilitation of morality, respect, and merit here, too.