19 May 2007

United Nations Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in last week's opinion poll. The results shown below indicate a clear desire for serious reform of the UN, by one means or another:

The United Nations - What should we call for?
No change in approach  0% (0 votes)
Withhold our contributions  22% (11 votes)
Make contributions voluntary  12% (6 votes)
Enlarge the Security Council  2% (1 votes)
Bar participation of human rights violators  24% (12 votes)
Replace with a League of Democracies  26% (13 votes)
Get out!  14% (7 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 50

In view of two factors, there will be no poll this week (just as you were becoming accustomed to there being one!)
  • Firstly, we have only just opened our forum to find out what policy ideas you would most like to see David Cameron incorporate as part of his Blizzard of Ideas against the incoming prime minister.
  • Secondly, later in the week we plan on launching a campaign on Zimbabwe to coincide with the distribution of the next issue of the magazine.
So, make sure you contribute to the policy survey and, if you've already ordered your copy of The Difference, look out for it in the post this coming week!