21 May 2007

Human Rights of the Forgotten

"Saddam Hussein's Iraq was constantly in the news; Mugabe's Zimbabwe though featuring less prominently nonetheless does make news; even Kim Jong Il, leader of what is probably the world's most secretive State merits the odd headline. But somehow Burma or Myanmar as it has been renamed by the SLORC military junta who have held it in its firm grasp, appears not to be newsworthy."
The American Chronicle has an excellent article on the largely forgotten and unreported plight of Burma's oppressed peoples and wonders whether the promise of the United Nations Charter of 1945 began, "We the people of the United Nations, determined to save succeeding generations from the scrouge of war..." or "determined to save particular generations from the scourge of particular wars that affect our narrow national interests?"


Ben Rogers said...

This is an excellent article and absolutely accurate. I have visited Burma and its border regions 18 times - the Thai, India and China borderlands. I have been into Burma and seen burned out villages, met former child solders, former political prisoners, women who have been raped, people used as forced labour, people who have fled their villages, lost loved ones and endured terrible torture. Joshua Castellino captures the essence of the situation perfectly.