21 May 2007

Lock 'Em Up?

An NSPCC survey indicates that a quarter of children have violent parents.

In a separate development, the Home Office wants to criminalise everyone that anyone else has even a suspicion might be pre-disposed to violence.

I suppose we need another 15 million prison places now...


MikeC said...

Seriously? I'm not sure I'm away of what this new proposal from the home office entails. Cast any light Ed?

John Hayward, The Difference said...

Hi Mike, You can find the NSPCC story at the BBC: Violence 'a problem for children' and the Home Office plans at the Times: Secret plans to turn staff into police informers, which begins, "Council workers, charity staff and doctors will be required to tip off police about anyone whom they believe could commit a violent crime, under secret Home Office plans."