23 May 2007

Winner Announced!

Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog in its first three months of operation†, especially to everyone who has contributed to the many debates and discussions, either by posting a comment or taking our regular opinion polls — it makes all the effort worthwhile. The June issue of The Difference should be arriving through people's letter boxes in the coming few days — including the winner of our Comment Competition ... Congratulations to Alex, who receives a free copy of the magazine as his prize!

The winning comment provided a couple of thought-provoking questions that attempted to move the debate forwards — if anyone still wants to have a go at tackling those questions, you can find Alex's "Care in the Community" comment at Responsibility Revolution.

The competition to find the best comment over the next couple of months begins now ... all you have to do is let us know your opinions!

† To date we have had just under 3500 unique visitors and just under 5000 page loads.