31 May 2007

More Darfur Dithering

A civilian killed by the Sudanese Government backed Janjaweed militia in Farawyaiah, West Darfur. The soldiers in the background are from the Sudanese Liberation Army. [Credit: Lynsey Addario at Reality Based Nation]"China appeals to all parties to maintain restraint and patience."

Over what, you might ask? Proposed new sanctions against Sudan, which the Chinese claim, "would only complicate the issue" — by which they presumably mean the issue of Chinese economic interests and their sale of weapons and aircraft to Khartoum.

In contrast, President Bush ordered new American sanctions against Sudan on Tuesday and is demanding new United Nations sanctions to pressure the Sudanese government to halt the bloodshed in Darfur. The American President insists, "We will continue to insist on the full implementation of the Darfur peace agreement. We will continue to promote a broadly supported and inclusive political settlement that is the only long-term solution to the crisis in Darfur." However, like China, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he wants more time for diplomacy and last month urged Britain to delay a push for tougher sanctions.

Once again, we are left wondering what it will take before the international community takes the effective action that is so desperately needed.