08 July 2008

The real church is rising

Enjoy your final fling, liberal bishops of the C of E, because it is your last. Your time is over. A new church is rising, a church of people who believe God, who know that Jesus rose from the dead because He touches the very core of their being, who experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives every day. A church who know that they belong to God and to no other.

As the chrysallis falls to the ground, empty and lifeless, while the beautiful butterfly within rises, colours resplendent, drawing gasps of admiration from all who behold; so those who deny God, His word, His power, His truth and His love will just drop away, useless, while the real church will arise, confident in the God she serves and adores, and drawing to her many who are desperate for reality, for truth, for love - for God.

And in this nation we will see, at last, the heart of God, burning, passionate, on fire, a God whose love is stronger than death, a God who longs for us, who longs for us, who longs for us to come to Him, to know Him, to revel in His love.