06 August 2008

Times investigates family court system

So good to see The Times taking up the cause of parents who have their children taken into care against their wishes, with a Leading article as well as a 2-page spread by Camilla Cavendish in last Saturday's paper. The media gets a bad press very often, what with paparazzi becoming ever more aggressive in their pursuit of celebrities, and the propagation of what is essentially gossip with the flimsiest connection to reality.

But this is the proper arena for investigative journalism - bringing into the open the secretive world of the family court system. My heart goes out to those parents who have lost their children. I know that sometimes unspeakable things are done to children by those closest to them. But I also know that to remove children from their parents, their roots, their security and their very identity can be the worst crime of all.

Well done, The Times. May your actions result in a radical overhaul of this archaic and oppressive system.


Lucy MacDonald said...

I couldn't agree more. Nobody wants children to remain with parents who are abusive, but the horror of unnecessary removal is also unspeakable, and, I believe, far more prevalent.

Yes The Times is to be commended for highlighting this issue, but our media must also shoulder much of the responsibility for creating a climate where if a child is harmed, the finger of blame is immediately pointed at social services. No wonder they would rather remove children "to be on the safe side".