11 December 2007

St George's Cross Offensive

Inter’s centenary shirt [Credit: Goal.com]I don't normally blog about football, but a Turkish lawyer has filed a complaint to UEFA, asking the Union of European Football Associations to cancel the three points Inter Milan earned in their recent win against Fenerbahce in the Champions League match. The reason? The celebratory shirt for Inter's centenary worn by the team consists of a big red cross on a white background, a symbol of the city of Milan. This has apparently reminded the Turks of an emblem of the order of the Templars, which is therefore deemed offensive to Muslims.

Oh, please! Whatever next... After Turkey is allowed to join the European Union, is England to redesign Saint George's Cross?!


Man in a Shed said...

It won't be long before thats a genuine request for England. You wait// I recon about 1 year from now.

Brit Abroad said...

Wake up sleepy Middle England! Mohammed is set to become the most popular boys' name in Britain. Where your church bells have fallen silent, the muezzin's azan will soon silence any further protest.

Freelander said...

We do not have to redesign St. George's cross; we only need to replace it with the UNION JACK! However that might cost more to produce because more colours are involved.

Regarding brit-abroads comment - My Mother-in-law used to complain about the Church Bells near her house ringing twice or three times every Sunday. I can only imagine what she would have said about the possibility of the muezzin's azan calling out 5 times a day!!

The Stonemason said...

Personally I find it offensive that Hagia Sofia, the Church of Holy Wisdom, the spiritual heart of the Orthodox Church, pinnacle of Byzantine architecture, now has four minarets and is degraded to use as a mosque. I weep for the fall of Constantinople, the shield of christendom. Thank God for Constantinople, the Templars and the knights Hospitallers who fouhgt so long and hard against the Turkish onslaught. Christians are still persecuted and martyred in Turkey and Turkey should never be allowed to join the EU without root and branch political and spiritual reformation of that country.

Patriot said...

This creeping cancer is a deliberate policy on behalf of our own Government, if we can see it....they Must know what is happening.
Demographically we are doomed unless we remove this cancer.

Teck said...

Stonemason wants to reform ....Islam? That would be a fatwa's worth!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that many football fans have heard of the Knights of the Templars, let alone understand what they fought for and which flag they used.

Teck said...

Patriot (@ 1508), it is very difficult for politicians to speak honestly, with a clear conscience and without risking castigation and censure. Nigel Hastilow was one such recent victim. The closest they dare come to an admission of the disaster ahead is to suggest immigration control without the courage to confront the problem directly.

Conservative MPs Mark Pritchard and Alistair Burt recently approached the issue from a different perspective, with a debate on Christianophobia.

I believe that if the situation continues to deteriorate, there could be a challenge to this Churchillian spectre, but it is unlikely to emanate from Parliament. That would be most unfortunate, and should be avoided.

Patriot said...

The real Threat here is not Islam just yet, they are not ready yet.


No the real Villains here are the ones Orchestrating this Hideous plot against the British, the Influential Puppetmasters pulling strings from behind the scenes.

Patriot said...

it is very difficult for politicians to speak honestly, with a clear conscience and without risking castigation and censure.

Therein lies a real clue, Psychological Repression, Shame and Guilt against the British.So we are looking for a group that have knowledge of Psychological Manipulation.
An Organisation that can keep the following off the front page or off the main evening News.


If you even mention this, the Govt will Prosecute you for it (TWICE !!)
and if they fail, they will change te law to make it easier to shut you up next time.




by Only showing Crimes carried out by Indigenous Brits on the Main News or Front Page is without Doubt Censorship by Ommission used in this case as Psychological Repression against the British, Shame and Guilt Again.
Who Owns the Media, The Press.

With regards to Cultural Marxism, wasn't Karl Marx Jewish.
The eradication of National Identity by Mass Mass Immigration.
Then using Laws against racism and xenophobia to stifle debate on the Issue of our Own Demographic Demise. Shame and Guilt again.

Demonising the British by False Accusations of Paedophilia, Again the use of Shame and Guilt.
I never did Believe that over 7000 Brits (at least) would be stupid enough to use their credit card for this.

Look at who is buying Influence into our Politics.

Whoever these People are Underminig our Society, they are Monsters.

What is this Organisation, and what is it's History.

The Unmistakable fingerprints of Zionism are all over the Subversion of Britain, Decent Jewish People should protest loudly at this because not everybody knows there is a difference.

Anonymous said...

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