24 February 2007

Today ID Cards - Tomorrow Radio ID Tags

RFIDQuoting an article to appear in next month's issue of IEEE Spectrum, Newswise asks:

"What if your boss asked you to have a chip implanted in your arm? Would you do it? What if it meant getting a higher salary? ... In the last few years people have begun to have tags planted in themselves--a move that could have serious repercussions for our privacy and freedom."
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags can be used to pinpoint the physical location of whatever the tags are embedded in

Update (28/2/07): The article can now be found here.


Anonymous said...

No doubt Labour could think of a few reasons why we'd all benefit from tagging. As someone wrote in today's Times:

"Margaret Thatcher identified an objective then produced policies to meet that objective. Tony Blair decides a policy then tries to invent objectives to justify the policy, at least half a dozen so far on why we invaded Iraq and now another half a dozen on why we need ID cards."

James said...

This will be presented as just the next logical step on from the present practice of electronically tagging criminals. Indeed RFID tagging is already being trailled on airport passengers in Hungary. Keep monitoring Big brother, for Big brother is already monitoring us! ... The innocent have nothing to fear?