19 February 2007

Minority Report 2

One intent of the government's Mental Health Bill was to ensure that individuals such as Michael Stone, convicted in 1998 for murdering Lin and Megan Russell, could be confined against their will simply because they suffer from a mental illness, even though they are innocent of any crime and even though their condition is untreatable.

Well done, then, to the Lords for rejecting this ill-considered piece of deterministic legislation.

The Government might have more success at keeping dangerous criminals off our streets if it focused on improving the rehabilitation and education of those already incarcerated in our overcrowded prisons.


Oxford nurse said...

63% of mental health trusts have had to make cuts this year... and we're supposed to believe that patient care won't suffer?!

Peter Durham said...

The government intends to push the original bill through the Commons and denies that requiring "appropriate treatment" to be available will turn doctors into jailers, according to a summary of the UK's position in the New Scientist: Violent, antisocial, beyond redemption?