20 February 2007

When is a Life Viable?

Amillia Taylor's feetFact #1: Amillia Taylor was born on 24 October 2006 weighing just 284 grams, after less than 22 weeks gestation. Today she goes home from hospital.

Fact #2: David Steel, who introduced what became the 1967 Abortion Act, has been calling some time for Britain to fall into line with the rest of Europe, where abortions on demand are only available up to three months into pregnancy.


Rebecca said...

Asked another way, "When is a life valuable?"

Anonymous said...

When is life valuable?
How about the homeless man on the street, is his life valuable at this point? He could be a military veteran for all you know. There is potential in everyone. Should the homeless man be exterminated? These babies are done away with before they can have an opportunity to be "valuable" to this world.