13 January 2008

State Sanctioned Grave Robbing?

I see the Prime Minister has now backed the controversial proposals I referred to earlier this week for everyone to be placed automatically on the organ donor register.

I merely repeat the question I posed when England's chief medical officer suggested the idea last July: Do we really want to give the State presumed ownership of our body parts?

Next thing you know, Big Brother will be after our identities...!


Alan Collins said...

I agree that this is absolutely disgusting!

I am on the organ donor register as a matter of personal choice - and it should be a matter of personal choice to keep your body in one piece after death, if you don't wish to become an organ donor.

John M Ward said...

There is a discussion, started today, on Strood Conservatives about this, started by Dr Teck Khong (and well worth reading) and I have just added my own two-penn'orth there.

I too hold a donor card, and have done for many years, but that too is my own choice. I do not wish to have a presumption of organ donation, especially with the present lot in government, whose morals are virtually non-existent.

Anonymous said...

How long before they start letting some (poor?)people die, so that they can plunder for body parts to allow others (rich) to live.

The Stonemason said...

As 'Anonymous' said. One can almost imagine the conversation; 'this person is terminally A, let him/her die so that we can save 4 others with his/heart, lungs, liver and kidneys'. Everything justified in clinical terms to disguise the factthat one person is being sacrificed or others.

I do not have a donor card, I wish to be buried complete. I would certainly opt out.

Man in a Shed said...

And since this only applies to England - will the English be recycled to keep people in the other nations alive, without reciprocal arrangements ?

The principle is of course wrong as it presumes ownership.

There are plenty of other ways to improve organ donation.

Rachel Joyce said...

See my suggestion for dealing with this on my blog - http://racheljoyce.blogspot.com/2008/01/organ-transplantation-more-ethical.html

I think this is a far more ethical and effective way of dealing with things