23 January 2008

Where To Start?

Sometimes there's so much going on, it's hard to know where to start ... the three year delay of ID cards, the global stock market crash, the effective nationalisation of Northern Rock and unwinding of the government's "stable" economy, the not so liberal LibDems to vote against any referendum on the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty. What do you think of the week's big issues?


The Stonemason said...

The delay in the roll-out of ID cards is the one piece of good cheer in the whole dismal scene. The national database is gathering size though and needs the people to make a stand against it. My daughter's school is switching to a fingerprint recognition for borrowing books from the library, it will apparently speed up the borrowing process, though why this is necessary when the library (or Learning Resources Centre as it is now called) is dominated by computers, has very few books and from which my daughter has never borrowed a single item, I don't know. How much this has taken to install and why the money was spent on that rather than the crumbling ruin of the actual building I am waiting to find out.