20 April 2007

Superstorm Threat Dissipates

"There is no evidence for a strong increase in hurricane activity in the Atlantic over the next century due to global warming."

'Storm of the Century' - 13 March 1993 [Credit: NASA]Just three days after European scientists questioned the profile of Kilimanjaro in the climate change debate, American researchers have concluded that increases in vertical wind sheer – differences between the upper and lower levels of the atmosphere in wind direction and speed – caused by climate change could counter-balance the effects of warming waters.

Based on an examination of eighteen different climate models, although contrary to recent claims that warmer waters result in an increase in hurricane intensity and frequency, this finding in fact confirms what hurricane forecasters have long known about vertical wind shear and its dampening effects on tropical storm formation and intensification.

Good science really doesn't make for good television or political posturing though, does it?


sceptic said...

"There has been over-claiming or exaggeration, or at the very least casual use of language by scientists, some of whom are quite prominent," the head of a leading climate research centre is to tell the British Association for the Advancement of Science. What're the odds we don't see that on the news tonight?