28 April 2007

Time is Up - Protect Darfur

Save DarfurAhead of tomorrow's global protests to mark the fourth anniversary of the conflict in Darfur, and clearly not appreciating that the time for mere talk has long passed, Tony Blair has yet again threatened "tougher action" against Sudan's government and rebels if they fail to act to end the crisis in Darfur.

The LibDem's Lynne Featherstone says all that's necessary in response:

"It is clear that what we are witnessing in Darfur is genocide. The British Government and the international community cannot continue to watch as this catastrophe unfolds in front of them. A no-fly zone, a proper and extensive arms embargo, targeted travel bans and asset seizures as well as meaningful sanctions are all essential yet the Government has so far done nothing. What will it take before this country takes the effective action that is so desperately needed?"