30 April 2007

Discover What We Share

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Last week I highlighted the need for us all to draw upon and learn from our shared heritage and positive cultural experiences. You will therefore not want to miss the British Library's "Sacred: discover what we share" exhibition, billed as the world's greatest collection of Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy books. Items on display include:
  • A Dead Sea Scroll fragment from AD 50,
  • The Syraic Pentateuch, the earliest known dated Biblical manuscript, written in Turkey in AD 463,
  • The Codex Sinaiticus, the oldest surviving complete copy of the New Testament in Greek, dating from the fourth century AD, and
  • The Ma'il Qur'an, from the first century of the Muslim Hijri calendar (early eighth century AD).
Running until 23rd September, associated events include a free afternoon next Monday with a food and crafts market, art workshops, and performances by the London Jewish Male Choir, IDMC Gospel Choir, the Ameer Khan Qawwali Group, and the whirling Dervish dancer Zia Azazi.