16 April 2007

No More Slavish Indulgence

Britain and America [Credit: ConHome]Over the years, Tony Blair's manifestly lopsided relationship with George W Bush has seriously damaged both the special relationship between Britain and America and our two countries' international reputations. As in other areas, we appear to have frittered away our moral authority.

Today's announcement by the international development secretary that Britain is to stop using the disingenuous phrase "war on terror" is therefore to be welcomed, especially if it means in a post-Blair era we will begin to question some of the other questionable policies and practices that have come out of the present US administration, such as outsourcing torture by extraordinary rendition and the reported mistreatment of detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

Britain's relationship with America should be characterised by honesty and, as in the closest of friendships, the space to express criticism. Only then will the "West" truly be a global force for good.

Afternoon UPDATE: A three-part series examining the origins of anti-Americanism starts on Radio 4 at 8pm tonight: Death to America


Walt said...

I've always found it interesting that in the USA it is the conservative party (Republicans) that are supporting the war against terror and the liberals (Democrats) that are trying to undermine the war on terror, whereas in the UK it's just the other way around. Perhaps in both countries there is a severe lack of objectivity based on a desire for power rather than a desire to win the war. The best way to endorse loosing a war is to deny one is taking place.

This shift in terminology is not a mark of "independence" on the part of the UK at all. But, rather like the elderly parent who looks to the grown children for care and leadership, the secretary is merely echoing the statements of extreme liberal Democrats who now control our Congress (as issued on March 27).

If you wish to whole-heartedly adopt the lies of the liberally-biased media in the USA, feel free. However, don't buy into our liberal media and then call yourself a conservative - that's just hypocrisy ... or naivety.

The west is not a global force for good?! Oh yes, it must be the Sudanese that are taxing their citizens to the brink to send aid to developing countries.

Yes, open criticism of one's allies during time of war is such a healthy thing. I just wish Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill could have been more publicly critical of one another - the bombing of London may never have happened and crossing the channel may have been completely unnecessary (that's sarcasm for those of you that are slow of wit).