28 September 2007

Howard 11 - Cameron 21

Michael Howard, you may recall, summed up conservatism in eleven words:

  • Cleaner hospitals, more police, school discipline, controlled immigration, lower taxes, accountability.
David Cameron is apparently to use twenty-one words:
  • Giving people more opportunity and power over their lives.
  • Making families stronger and society more responsible.
  • Making Britain safer and greener.
Anyone care to offer their alternative suggestions?


Freedom Fighter said...

Five words: Less government interference; stronger communities.
Or perhaps: For God, Queen and Country.

John said...

John Redwood today gives us his summary: "We are the party of lower taxation, and of more freedom. We are the party that believes the state should do less and do it better, and that people and communities can and should do more for themselves with appropriate state help or encouragement where needed. Above all we are the party of a democractic Britain, who would give people a referendum on the EU Constitution - and give English people English votes on English issues in Parliament."

Anonymous said...

Four words: Fewer slogans, more action!

Anonymous said...

Never mind the summing up in less words - how about clear statements the man-in-the-street can understand? Not everyone was educated at Public Schools. We want to encourage MORE people to vote for us!
PJ in Oxford