03 September 2007

The New Politics 2

Gordon Brown [Source: The Daily Telegraph]"I believe that Britain needs a new type of politics which embraces everyone in this nation, not just a few. A politics built on consensus, not division. A politics that draws on the widest range of talents and expertise, not the narrow circles of power."

With all this talk of citizens' juries and a nationwide citizens' summit, does this mean GB is about to give us a referendum on the European Con(stitution) Treaty?

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The Stonemason said...

Gordon Brown has waited 10 years to become PM and as Chancellor centralised more power in his own hands than any previous holder of the office. This talk of government by consensus is nothing more than a ploy to strengthen his own support base. Just as he massively expanded the public sector work force and the dependency of the citizens on state handouts, effectively making millions into clients of the government, he now wants to make the political classes indebted to him also. Beware a Greek bearing gifts.