06 September 2007

Spelman on Ancram

Thank you to everybody who left questions for Caroline Spelman, not least because a team effort on these occasions helps create the air of a lively mind without necessarily putting in lots of hard work.

Michael AncramI'm afraid you're going to have to wait for our November issue to hear what the Party Chairman says about the best strategies for making news headlines in the run up to the election and the assertion that the party has gone lukewarm on the issue of an EU referendum but, to whet your appetites, here's a snippet about her views on Michael Ancram's "simple political creed":

"He gave a personal view on what Conservatives have stood for, and that will be different from somebody else's personal view of what Conservatives have stood for. I don't entirely share his views and I don't agree with his criticism of David Cameron ­ I don't think that David Cameron has damaged the Thatcher legacy.

I have an open door policy for people to come and say what they think should change and what they think we should do differently. These are all ideas that we can capture, but they are things that should be said in private if politicians are going to be responsible about their position within the party and the use of that position to articulate their views."


James Maskell said...

Still not quite getting the point. Whenever we do try to talk privately about our views, we are ignored or worse, treated like second class members. I asked privately about the Willetts speech at the height of the grammar schools mess and was told to read the speech. When I tried asking my questions again, I was just flat ignored...

Anonymous said...

The following individuals have in one way or another damaged the party owing what is called a foot in mouth syndrome. So, if we go on to loose the next General Election please ask the following if that is what they were seeking:

1. John Bercow
2. Kulver Ranger
3. Ancram
4. Johan Eliasch
(Thinks that he owed the party so now he is throwing his toys out of his pram)
5. Patrick Mercer

Remember these names when the Conservatives loose the next election. They have played a big part in it.