08 September 2007

Discuss The Difference on Facebook

Facebook: John HaywardWell, having resisted significant pressure from various directions for some time, I have finally bitten the bullet and joined Facebook. I have to say, Iain Dale has a lot to answer for as he was the final straw that encouraged me to take the plunge; he was also the one who encouraged me to follow my instincts and start blogging!

So, if you are already a facebook member, let me extend to you a personal invitation to join the newly launched Join "The Difference" group on FacebookFacebook group for readers of The Difference. If you are not a member and want to help spread the word, just go ahead and register, then you too will be able to join us :-) You can use the forum to discuss articles you found most thought-provoking in the magazine or what you might like to see in future issues.

For those interested, my personal Facebook photo was taken during my recent visit to Venice.