06 November 2007

Brown's LCD Vision

The Queen's speech [Credit: BBC]On the day that Gordon Brown announced yet another seven quangos in his "déjà vu" Queen's speech, a local news story seems to encapsulate much of what this Government has come to represent:

Pupils from a successful girls' secondary school in Kent today staged a protest over a proposal to create a new academy by merging it with Temple School, a nearby boys' school that, according to tables published in January, achieved England's worst GCSE results.

The head teacher at Strood's Chapter School is reported as acknowledging that an academy for Strood "could be really exciting" but insists, "I'm against the plan where Chapter School has to close, we lose the family image and ethos we have, and then we reopen in 2009 and who knows what staff would still be here."

Such is the failing of Brown's "vision": seeking to reduce Britain to its lowest common denominator, when we should be building on the nation's highest common factor.


The Stonemason said...

The Chapter School senior staff should be given managerial control over the Temple School, to implement the changes required to bring Temple up to a similar level as Chapter achieves. Only then should it be considered whether the two schools should merge into a new Academy, or whether it is in the children's best educational interests to maintain two separate schools. The current plan sems to involve the certain destruction of one good school for girls in the hope of creating a good school for girls and boys. I think this is called egalitarianism.