28 November 2007

Labour's Greatest Political Failure

At the start of the month we were told that standards of reading have risen little in fifty years. Today the quinquennial Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls) reveals that, in fact, in just five years the reading performance of our children has fallen from third to fifteenth in the world (and Scotland from 14th to 21st).

Gordon Brown once told us, "There is no greater educational priority than ensuring that all children are able to read." So one might expect an admission that there can be no greater political failure than this, that ten years of Labour has thus failed a whole generation and will affect our nation for decades to come. Yet Children, Schools and Families Secretary Ed Balls has reacted by suggesting parents must do more. Given that until recently they clearly used to, perhaps they would — or even, could — once again, if the State didn't keep trying to do more?


The Stonemason said...

Education, education, education.

Anonymous said...

Children, Schools and Families? What happened to the word Education? Just included once in the new title of Mr Balls would be good. Why is what was New Labour's favourite mantra now disappeared completely? What expertise does Mr Balls bring to this post anyway, other than perhaps being Gordon's favourite protegy?