23 November 2007

Cocaine's Health Time Bomb

Trends in prevalence of cocaine use among young adults (aged 15–34) in Europe

EMCDDA 2007 Annual report: the state of the drugs problem in Europe: Cocaine and crack cocaineThis year's annual report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction reveals that the proportion of young Britons who take cocaine has overtaken that of Americans and that, after cannabis, cocaine is now the second most commonly used illicit drug. 4.9% of men and women aged between 15 and 34 used the drug in Britain last year and 6% of teenagers at or below school-leaving age have tried the drug, with many users also using other substances including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other stimulants.

Thus, although cannabis use in the UK has declined slightly (yet is still smoked by one in five people under 24), it has simply been replaced by a more fashionable — and significantly more harmful — alternative. The report's researchers warn that cocaine is a growing public health issue, its most common adverse effects including cardiovascular disorders, strokes, and seizures. Given that no effective medication exists to help cocaine users maintain abstinence or reduce use, more than ever we desperately need a new approach to the Government's failed drugs strategy.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your article very much.

It's heartbreaking to watch a loved one ruin his life and ours because of the availability of cocaine/drugs. I pray there will be some alternatives soon to assist in recovery.

Being a RN, I know when you can't save an addict, you must save yourself. It's a hard, painful lesson to learn.

Otherwise their careless, selfish behavior which is compounded with grandiose visions of their quality of life soon becomes a very lonely world for those who love them.

It hurts because I still see glimpses of the real person from time to time, but it's short lived and results in a great deal of caretaking & energy to hold his life together.

I am a devout catholic; I pray for society, healing and peace. It is no wonder why so many marriages end in divorce. The mental and financial impact of this problem penetrates every part of other's lives when watching a loved one make the wrong decision.

Be well,