13 November 2007

Disruptive Children Same As Peers

"Two new studies suggest that many young children who are identified as troubled or given diagnoses of mental disorders settle down in time and do as well in school as their peers."

Now we have yet more evidence to undermine the state's unnecessary practice of over-medicating our more troublesome (and troubled) children:

In one study, an international team of researchers analyzed measures of social and intellectual development from 20,000 children and found that disruptive or antisocial behaviors in kindergarten were not at all correlated with academic success at the end of elementary school. Kindergartners who interrupted the teacher, defied instructions, even picked fights, were performing just as well in reading and math as well-behaved children of the same abilities by fifth grade, the study found.

In the other study, government researchers using imaging techniques found that the brains of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder developed normally but more slowly, in some areas, than in children without the disorder.
For further details, see the International Herald Tribune


Freelander said...

This sounds as if we are back to 'Super Nanny' disciplining children again.

One reason many youngsters are disruptive in a class situation is because they are bored and not being challeged with more difficult tasks. I have often witnessed this in the classroom. Put them into the right 'set' and they perform to their ability instead of messing around.

Expect little along with poor behaviour, and that is what you will get. (Self fulfilling prophesy).