13 June 2007

Do One Thing

Kingfisher, presenting dazzling views for a good half-hour as it fished just a few feet awayI confess to being a fan of Bill Oddie and nature's superior answer to Big Brother—namely, Springwatch. ["Who's going to be kicked out of the nest or eaten next?!"] Their "do one thing (for nature)" campaign prompts me to wonder:

If you could do one thing for Britain or your local community, what would it be?

I don't usually bore you with photos from my bird-watching, but I thought you might enjoy this one that I took last weekend while out with the family!


Kay Carter said...

I would give all pregnant women access to one-on-on care, from one midwife for the whole of their pregnancy, on the NHS. Women want it, midwives want it, and it cuts down the need for expensive intervention. This means less pain (emotional and physical) and smaller NHS bills. What on earth are we waiting for?

Alex said...

Increase the income tax personal allowance to about £10,000. This would take many people outside a complex tax system.

Pay for it by increasing taxes on petrol and other fuels - and stop wasting time and money talking about congestion charging.

Alex said...

We have so many laws these days, most people don't have a good knowledge of them. Yet when we step over the line, ignorance of the law is supposed to be no defence. And the police are effectively left with discretion over which broken laws to pursue punishment. eg What's the point of a 30 mph speed limit that isn't enforced?

Why not simplify things radically? Lets have a set of laws which we intend to enforce. Many statutory instruments are little more than guidelines approved by parliament - so why not call them guidelines?