26 June 2007

Poll of Polls

Here, as promised, are the suggestions you made for the policies that you would most like to see David Cameron announce as part of his Blizzard of Ideas after Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister. If there are ideas that you did not submit in time to be included but still wish to contribute, you may post them in the comments. Voting has now closed. A summary of the results appeared at Your Policy Ideas Results.

Making our economy more competitive
Leave the EU  13% (21 votes)
Establish a new ‘Commission for Public Procurement’  1% (2 votes)
Increase home ownership  8% (14 votes)
Encourage personal pensions and savings  13% (21 votes)
Reduce means-testing  10% (16 votes)
Improve the quality of vocational training  10% (16 votes)
Increase the income tax personal allowance to about £10,000  18% (29 votes)
Merge Income Tax and National Insurance  10% (16 votes)
More flexible mortgage lending regulations and provision  6% (10 votes)
Grants to bring unused or under-used properties into occupation  9% (15 votes)
Drop congestion charging in favour of higher fuel taxes  3% (5 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 165

Improving our quality of life
Reduce immigration  18% (25 votes)
One-to-one midwifery care  10% (14 votes)
Allocate more money to pro-life counselling and support for unintentionally pregnant women  15% (20 votes)
Allocate funds to sexual health programmes advocating abstinence as a positive life-style choice  16% (22 votes)
Privacy laws to prevent paparazzzi hounding famous people  7% (9 votes)
Replace the Press Complaints Commission with a joint Commons & Lords Select Committee  4% (5 votes)
Reduce traffic in inner-city areas through limited bans on cars  4% (5 votes)
Make more cycle paths  12% (16 votes)
Introduce a free school transport system  15% (20 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 136

Public service improvement
Secondary schools to be state-funded, independent trust schools  18% (19 votes)
Abolition of all LEAs and most of the Department of Education  15% (16 votes)
A universal school voucher system  25% (26 votes)
Simplify rules to set up new schools and access state funding  19% (20 votes)
Provision for public petitions to trigger Parliamentary debates  22% (23 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 104

Protecting our security
Invest in our armed forces  25% (22 votes)
One year conscription for 18 year olds  10% (9 votes)
Re-install border controls  27% (24 votes)
Require parliamentary approval to commit British troops to combat and treaty ratifications  24% (21 votes)
Simplify legislation into: unenforced guidelines and laws the police should enforce  15% (13 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 89

Social justice
Reserved seats in Parliament for children and the unborn  0% (0 votes)
Reduce the legal time-frame in which abortion is allowed  53% (24 votes)
Enforce strict guidelines on allowing state-funded abortions  47% (21 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 45

Globalisation & global poverty
Create a worldwide League of Democracies  25% (7 votes)
Champion a Global Free Trade Association  75% (21 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 28


Anonymous said...

Raise the age of consent for homosexual relationships

Limits on Sunday trading

Protective employment legislation for churches/faith-based organisations

Reduced benefits for immigrants until nationalised for some years

Institution of more grammar schools

More publicity for Christian-based and British national celebrations

Mary Douglas said...

Celebrate our Christian heritage

Promote marriage as the best environment for raising children

Affirm our identity as a nation with a long history, rooted in Christianity

Encourage newcomers to our nation to accept and honour our culture and traditions