06 June 2007

Eyes on Darfur

"The picture is worth a thousand words, but it's important that it's carried by a million voices!"

While the likes of the European Union, the United Nations, China, and Britain continue to make "more time for diplomacy" rather than take the tough action needed to bring the genocide in Sudan to an end, Amnesty International has launched a new website, Eyes on Darfur, enabling anyone concerned about atrocities being committed in the troubled region to inspect up-to-date, high-resolution satellite images of vulnerable villages. The international human rights group is calling for action on three fronts:

Call on Russia to guarantee security in Darfur and eastern Chad
Darfur and eastern Chad are in urgent need of effective peacekeeping forces to provide security and enforce the arms embargo on Darfur. Call on Russia to take steps to support the deployment of these peacekeepers in Darfur and to work with other countries on the Security Council to strengthen and enforce the arms embargo.

Urge Chad to accept peacekeepers to protect civilians
Thousands of women and girls have been raped, child soldiers have been recruited, whole villages looted and destroyed, and an estimated 120,000 people have been forced from their homes in eastern Chad, some of whom have been desperate enough to escape into Darfur. Urge Chad to accept peacekeepers to protect civilians.

Act to Protect 12 Towns and Villages in Darfur and eastern Chad
Amnesty International has identified 12 villages in Darfur which are in danger of being attacked. Help us take action to prevent more bloodshed.
As well as joining Amnesty's campaign, be sure to watch out for a focus on Sudan in the next issue of The Difference!  And if you haven't yet signed our petition calling for tougher sanctions on Zimbabwe, please take a moment to do so. Thanks for taking action — the more people who act, the bigger the difference we will make!