09 June 2007

Reefer Madness

Mental health-related hospital admissions resulting from cannabis useAnybody else notice a trend?

About 10% of cannabis users become addicted and are at risk of oral and lung cancer and reduced fertility, as well as mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression. The government claims it has been perfectly clear on cannabis, saying it is harmful, is an illegal drug, and should not be taken—which is clearly why they downgraded it from a class B to a class C drug three and a half years ago.

It is time Labour accepted that its drug policy has failed and we adopted a new index of harms classification system for drugs, as proposed by the Royal Society of Arts and the Commons Science Select Committee.

Source: Hansard


Walt said...

Using the same logic, shouldn't we make alcohol illegal as has been suggested by The Salvation Army for over 100 years?

The Stonemeason said...

The problem with logical options is that they tend to lead to extremes. Much better is the 'English way' of fudge, muddle and compromise with the aim of maximising the freedom of the individual. Perhaps legalising cannabis, strictly regulating the the strength of tht sold, plastering health warnings all over it and strictly controlling where it can be smoked would be a better way of dealing with the situation. There is far too much banning going on already and history show that prohibition has never been a successful formula for stopping anything.