04 July 2007

Your Policy Ideas Results

Gordon Brown has been Prime Minister for a full week. After an initially impressive start, he performed poorly at his first PMQs today, needing to be rescued by John Reid over the Government's position concerning Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

The question now is how David Cameron will respond. Concluding the policy survey that we have been conducting since the Conservative leader announced that he would be launching a Blizzard of Ideas against the new Prime Minister, below are the top ten policies suggested and voted on by The Difference readers that you would most like to see rolled out in the coming weeks, listed under the six headings being used in the Party's official policy review process. Interestingly, the most popular suggestion was made by Alex, the recent winner in our ongoing comment competition!

Making our economy more competitive
1. Increase the income tax personal allowance to about £10,000
9= Leave the EU
Public service improvement
2. A universal school voucher system
6. Provision for public petitions to trigger Parliamentary debates
Improving our quality of life
3. Reduce immigration
7= Allocate funds to sexual health programmes advocating abstinence as a positive life-style choice
Protecting our security
4= Re-install border controls
7= Invest in our armed forces
Social justice
4= Reduce the legal time-frame in which abortion is allowed
9= Enforce strict guidelines on allowing state-funded abortions
Globalisation & global poverty
9= Champion a Global Free Trade Association

A total of 567 votes were cast — so thank you to everybody who took part in this campaign. You can find the full results at last week's Poll of Polls.