05 July 2007

EU Referendum Petition

"A great part of the content of the European Constitution is captured in the new treaties," Europe's leaders have declared, saying the so-called amending treaty will "preserve the substance of the constitutional treaty." Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel claims, "The fundamentals of the Constitution have been maintained in large part."

Labour promised us in their election manifesto that we would be allowed our say on the new European arrangements in a national referendum. Sign the Ten Downing Street petition calling for a referendum on the EU's Constitutional Treaty — it's the one thing we can all do to demand a say in the future of our country. This is one promise the Government must not be allowed to break!

See also: European Fundamentals and EU Deal: What's Your Take?Where's OUR referendum? Stop them signing away more power to Europe! [Roger Helmer]


Better Off Out said...

The Open Europe blog points out that Communities Secretary Hazel Blears says voters should be given a say on "big choices" claiming, "I think the world has changed. I think voting every four years and basically handing over responsibility and power to other people and then doing nothing again for four years, I think our democracy is not like that any more... My overriding belief is that people are capable of making quite complex difficult decisions, setting priorities, doing trade-offs if they are given the opportunity to do it." If she means it, then we should get to have a say on Europe.

The Stonemason said...

Did Tony Blair check what he was signing - or was it just a sheaf of blank papers like the original Treaty of Rome?