04 July 2007

Music's Medicine

Music & Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Is some music, are some lyrics, are some videos and are some artists, helping to create a culture in which an anti-learning culture, truancy, knives, violence, guns, misogyny are glorified?
  • Can we see the effects of this on our young people, in our schools and on our streets?
  • Do we think we can combat this culture by government policies, policing and criminal justice alone?
Calling on the UK music industry to promote positive role models for young people to look up to, David Cameron answers: yes, yes, and no, respectively.

If people are now beginning to accept that certain music has indeed become a poison of young people's minds and a poison of our broken society, perhaps there is yet hope that it may once again become "the medicine of the mind" and "the medicine of the breaking heart."Music for healing mind, body & spirit