16 March 2007

Unacceptable Behaviour

News of a seven-year-old repeatedly stabbing a neighbour with a kitchen knife once again raises the question as to how tolerant we have become of misbehaviour and disobedience, especially when we're told "he's not a bad lad or a wild child." Where I live, I know of a boy in reception class who recently forcefully stabbed a teacher in the leg with a pencil (this is not the same child or school that I recently referred to in Restore Order In Schools). It may not be appropriate to arrest someone so young, but something surely needs to change in society to restore a sense of order and discipline on our streets and in our schools.


MikeC said...

Is it that children are recognising earlier and earlier on, that there is now very little that any parent can, or more accurately perhaps, is prepared to do, to discpline their child? Hence there are no boundaries enforceable?