28 March 2007

Europe's Rights Violations Criticised

Further to the UN's recent failings, the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights today condemns abuses perpetrated in the name of combating terrorism in Europe, Central Asia and North America. It specifically criticises the UK for expanding its panoply of anti-terrorist laws, "providing inadequate defense to suspects, and extending police and investigatory powers, including the disproportionately long detention period of 28 days without charge."

In addition, Europe's Foreign Affairs Committee criticises the EU's record on human rights protection. It expresses "deep concern regarding the deterioration of the human rights situation" in Iran and calls on the Commission to use the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) to promote cooperation with Iranian civil society.

"Regretting" that the EU has not taken "more unilateral action" to persuade the Sudanese government to accept an international peacekeeping force in Darfur, the report also urges the EU to back "an international peacekeeping force" and "the enforcement of the no-fly zone over Darfur."