17 March 2007

Scientists Criticise Climate Catastrophism

Making Sense of the Weather and ClimateCongratulations to Royal Meteorological Society professors Paul Hardaker and Chris Collier for cautioning against the doomsday claims made about global warming. The two climate researchers accept that recent intensification of severe weather may be an early warning sign of even more devastating damage to come, but highlight that convincing scientific evidence to back the claims has not yet emerged and fear that organisations guilty of overplaying the message could undermine the serious message about the real risks posed by climate change.

Sunday UPDATE: The director of The Great Global Warming Swindle defends his film in the Sunday Telegraph:

"The ice-core data was the jewel in the global-warming crown, cited again and again as evidence that carbon dioxide 'drives' the earth's climate. In fact, as its advocates have been forced to admit, the ice-core data says the opposite. Temperature change always precedes changes in CO2 by several hundred years. Temperature drives CO2, not the other way round. The global-warmers do not deny this. They cannot.

During the post-war economic boom, while industrial emissions of CO2 went up, the temperature went down (hence the great global-cooling scare in the 1970s). Why? They say maybe the cooling was caused by SO2 (sulphur dioxide) produced by industry. But they say it mumbling under their breath, because they know it makes no sense. Thanks to China and the rest, SO2 levels are far, far higher now than they were back then. Why isn't it perishing cold?"


James said...

I was struck by the comment in The New Scientist today that "Most people don't realise that Antarctica is so cold there isn't much melting going on." The report says the Greenland and Antarctic sheets are not losing their mass through melting but because the ice is flowing into the ocean faster than the snow is replacing it and, without knowing why this is happening, it is impossible to predict the extent of future sea level rises, especially as climate modelling predicts that snowfall on the ice caps will increase over the coming century.

MikeC said...

The term 'Sceptical Environmentalist' probably describes me best. I think that recycling, composting, reducing energy consumption etc is good and right. Not because I'm sold on the fact that arguments for man-made global warming are incontrovertible, but, that a right response to believing that the earth and everything on it were created by God, is to take care of it, not to waste it, and to try to be standard bearers for efforts in these directions.

Also, there's a book called 'The Sceptical Environmentalist' I think (not sure of the author, possible a Scandinavian), who interrotates the statistical evidence and consequences, and does not end-up with the doomsday scenario predicted by others. It's at least one other side of the story.

Anonymous said...

'The Sceptical Environmentalist' was written by Bjorn Lomberg, an ex AGW advocate...