23 March 2007

David Cameron's Faith

Returning home after Tuesday's Wilberforce Address, my wife asked me about David Cameron's faith. He has provided his own answer to the Jewish Chronicle, quoted in today's Telegraph:

"I have a faith, it's important, but not something I wear on my sleeve. I've always said I believe in God, but I don't think I have a direct line," he told the Jewish Chronicle. Mr Cameron underlined his support for faith schools, saying they played an important role in the community.
In his interview with JC, the Conservative leader claimed "his party’s renewed focus on 'social responsibility' is essentially based on core Jewish teachings."
Wilberforce Address Speakers' Panel: Bishop James Jones, Bishop Wayne Malcolm, Pastor Agu Irukwu, David Cameron


Henry R Thomson said...

Bravo to David Cameron for his praise of the UK's Jewish communities, with their strong emphasis on social responsibility, and the role of faith schools in helping to nurture such communities.
But where is his outspoken condemnation of Labour's attempts to undermine faith schools' freedom to teach the "core values" he praises. The great example set by Jewish neighbourhoods cannot be divorced from the moral and theological teachings of the Jewish faith itself - many of which are starkly at odds with the liberal secularism that Labour seems hellbent on making the "approved worldview" of our schools.