26 March 2007

Toff at the Top

On tonight's C4 Dispatches, Peter Hitchens argued that David Cameron's move to the so-called centre ground carries grave risks for the British political system: "British politics is based not on consensus but on adversarialism - two distinct and different sides, representing real and passionate divisions within the country. Without that difference there can be no choice, without that choice there can be no liberty." So, has he got a point, or was this just Peter at his worst?


Doughty Fan said...

Iain Dale concludes: Cameron's success is that he understands that the country is a different place to the one Peter Hitchens thinks it is. Hitchens harks after a moalistic, socially conservative country which Britain ceased to be in about 1965. Cameron wants to build on Britain as it is today.

As a polemic programme this was well put together, well written and presented in an engaging manner. But for all that it was profoundly unconvincing.