18 March 2007

Can Dave Save the NHS?

NHYes - Credit: BBCIn his closing speech at the Conservative Party's spring conference, David Cameron has pledged to end the targets and "pointless reorganisations" that have done so much damage in recent years to the NHS.

That will come as good news to the friend I was talking with just an hour ago who is involved with the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health. She is utterly disillusioned with the constant reorganisations that have meant the key people that they are supposed to consult with are always changing and that their views so often appear to be ignored or not even sought, such as over the recent decision suddenly to end community nurses with just three weeks notice.

The question is how to balance the independence that doctors and nurses need with the accountability expected of any service in receipt of public funds.


Michael M said...

The Telegraph says he can: Cameron offers positive remedy for NHS ills