19 March 2007

Supermarket Supersurgeries

Government plans add substance to last year's rumours that Sainsbury's is poised to become the first supermarket with GP surgeries. You can see it now, can't you: "That will be £30 for the petrol, £50 for the cigarettes and wine, £25 for the microwave dinners and cakes, and I can book you an appointment with the nurse for 9.30am tomorrow."

If the trend continues, perhaps Blair will belatedly fulfil his promise of nationwide NHS dental care to the majority of us around the country who have been left (as a result of his botched reforms and failed contracts) without access to an NHS dentist?


MikeC said...

Perhaps Tony Blair could learn some lessons about contractual terms from Sainsbury. The horror story that is the takeover of dental practice contracts by PCTs is simply unacceptable. The way in which PCTs, with no knowledge of dental practices or the way in which dentists need to run their surgeries, have taken over the contacts, is a shambles.