16 July 2007

Holy Rights!

What a bizarre country we live in. A High Court judge has saved Shambo the "sacred" bullock from slaughter, despite it testing positive for TB, after lawyers for monks at the multi-faith Skanda Vale community in Carmarthenshire argued putting the animal down would breach the Human Rights Convention. Another, however, has ruled against Lydia Playfoot and her wish to express her faith by wearing a ring showing her commitment to sexual abstinence.

So, religious freedom is no longer a human right? Better to be a cow, ape, or robot, it seems... Maybe Lydia should take refuge at Skanda Vale.


Philip Walker said...

Will the Conservative Party promise to change the law to stop this sort of nonsense? In law, it increasingly seems religious freedom is OK except for Christians, and every sexual lifestyle choice is to be promoted except sexual purity, which should be resisted.

I have a Churchill quote: "Our (the Conservative Party's) main objectives are: To uphold the Christian religion and resist all attacks upon it." How is the party doing on this?

Eric Bird said...

This sort of thing is further evidence of the government's determination to squeeze out the Christian Faith.
That the government should desire to ban something because it promotes chastity is proof that they have lost the plot completely.