06 July 2007

Smoking Ban

I want YOU to put out that cigaretteSo, former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has apparently been "spoken to" by police for smoking on a train.

This week I was asked by an office manager if I would shop them if they went next door for a cigarette. The tobacco-smelling offender made clear to the next person who arrived that anyone who complained was an interfering jobsworth. Personally, I'm extremely happy not to have to go home with my clothes stinking of second-hand smoke whenever I go out for a drink (or, indeed, to work) but I'm not the kind of person who's going to inform on anyone. We've got more than enough Soviet-style Big Brother culture as it is. Yet, if smokers such as my office manager and the former LibDem leader think it is fine to "smoke out of the window" or "next door," is this just another law that will fall into the category of petty crimes we may commit with impunity?

What do you think?


Andrew Kennedy said...

I suspect your "office manager" is a selfish person who has no thought or consideration to those around her (or him!)

Whatever next - he or she will be bringing a dog into the office.

The Blunderer said...

I am a law-abiding person on the whole and I dislike smoking intensely yet I sympathise with those who resent the plethora of restrictions on the way we wish to live our lives and seems intent on reducing us to a nation of police informers in some sort of national prison. My personal line in the sand is the National ID card and being reduced to a number on a national database, that will more than likely be my personal tipping point into civil disobedience and passive resistance.