22 July 2007

Affordable Housing Solution

flood defences failIt appears all the recent flooding across the country may have helped the Government find a solution to the problem of affordable housing. Just consider some recent headlines and join the dots:

  • Gordon Brown to build three million new homes by 2020
  • 70,000 affordable homes per year over the next three years
  • 89% of the proposed properties in the Thames Gateway develop-ment are in the flood plain
  • Flood risk could make 300,000 homes uninsurable
Well? Who's going to want to buy an uninsurable home on a flood plain? Those who can't afford to live anywhere safer, that's who.


genslub3 said...

Well britons are slowly becomming extinct by having fewer and fewer children. 1.5 child per woman thus you lose 25% per generation. Thus in 1 generation 25% of the houses will be empty.

ie Give it a few years and the housing situation will take care of itself.

Might have to cut back on immigration but I guess that isn't possible.