25 July 2007

Brown Embraces Cameronism

Armed policeman in front of ParliamentJust last November, Home Office minister Liam Byrne declared of the Conservatives, "All that they offer in place of ID cards is the chaos of a damaging, distracting and disruptive reorganisation of three agencies on the front line into a single border force. That idea is outdated and is rooted in a concept of a frontier that is long past. It is simplistic and dangerous in the disruption that it poses."

Today his new leader, Gordon Brown, announced, "To strengthen the powers and surveillance capability of our border guards and security officers, we will now integrate the vital work of the Border and Immigration Agency, Customs and UK Visas overseas and at the main points of entry to the UK and establish a unified border force."

Now all we need is for the new "Conservative" Prime Minister to ditch his misguided obsession with ID cards...

...Oh yes, and to give us the referendum we were promised on the Constitutional Treaty that Open Europe's analysis shows is 96% of the original European Constitution, already rejected by the French and the Dutch...

Sources: Hansard and BBC
No2ID: Stop ID cards and the database state


The Stonemason said...

It was on the 'No2ID' demonstration in Parliament Square a couple of years ago that I found myself in a fairly small group that included Peter Tatchell and Shami Chakrabati. Strange bedfellows perhaps for a right wing born-again Christian but in these times we should remember that 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' and be open to alliances that might at first not seem natural.