09 July 2007

Human Rights Act Attracts Terrorists

Migration Watch UKIn addition to Interpol's damning criticisms about British immigration procedures, The Times has an article on yet another immigration story that the BBC has failed to make any mention of at all. The paper quotes a report from Migrationwatch warning that unless we pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights, terrorist suspects will be able to remain in Britain indefinitely and at public expense, whether or not they are arrested or found guilty. The briefing paper begins:

"The UK’s continued adherence to the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) is an attraction for terrorists to operate in and from Britain, secure in the knowledge that, even if convicted, they can never be deported and that, if they come under suspicion, they cannot be effectively detained. We should therefore give six months notice to withdraw from the Convention and write our own Human Rights law with the same guarantees, except for terrorist offences.

Britain is now facing a security threat unparalleled in our history. Accordingly, we must amend our laws without delay. Suicidal terrorists (some from overseas and some born in Britain) do not operate alone; others encourage, finance and organise them. It is now essential that the latter be deterred by the certain prospect of immediate expulsion on completion of a sentence for a terrorist offence."
I wonder if Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith agree with their predecessors that the Government has struck the wrong balance between protecting the safety of the public and the rights of individuals suspected of being involved with terrorism and we should opt out of the ECHR.

If he can put down The Blair Years, maybe John Humphrys can find out for us in the next day or two...