03 October 2007

Cameron Highlights

"While our economy is getting richer, our society is in many ways getting poorer."

I'm not sure that the economy is actually getting stronger - though Gordon Brown would like to convince us that it is - but David Cameron, picking up on what Iain "The Passionate Man" Duncan Smith said yesterday, is surely right that society is getting poorer. As he noted earlier in his speech, "We've got to make families stronger and society more responsible."

Yet, somehow I have yet to hear any politician make the crucial observation that would transform our whole approach to the challenges facing our country and our world. Namely, life is all about relationships. Family relationships, community relationships, corporate relationships, international relationships - everything we treasure most and everything that determines the opportunities available to us - revolves around relationships.

Yes, Britain is broken. Society needs mending. However, I think we have yet to grasp the full extent of the problem ... and, therefore, also of the solution.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully my husband and I were not the only two people watching on TV while David Cameron made his speech and he therefore had the opportunity of not only upsetting our current Prime Minister - who we were assured was watching - but has also persuaded many of the 'undecided' electorate that the Conservative proposals for the country are the ONLY way forward if we are asked to go to the ballot boxes next month.

If we are not asked to vote so soon, then some people have wasted a lot of time dusting-off the ballot boxes already.

P & G in Cameron's contituency.