18 October 2007

Young Love Under Shari'a Law

Do you remember your first kiss? Having posted about Britain's appalling teenage pregnancy rates under the heading "Teenagers Looking For Love?" earlier today, I thought you might like the following news story, which perhaps sheds a little extra light on the worldview of the Muslim leaders who penned last week's Common Word letter:

A young Muslim couple tried to speed off when Malaysian police caught them making out in their car but got into an accident, causing a five-car pile up, a report said Wednesday.

A police patrol car spotted the couple locked in an intimate embrace late Monday in their car parked at a hypermarket in Muar town in southern Johor state, The Star newspaper said. As the patrol car neared them, the couple sped out of the car park onto a main road and collided with a passing car, causing three other vehicles to crash, the report said.

Unmarried Muslim couples found alone together in a private place can be charged for "khalwat," or "close proximity," which is a crime under Malaysia's Islamic laws and carries a jail sentence of up to two months.
Before you ask, the 2000-2005 adolescent fertility rate for Malysia is 1.5% compared with our 2.7%, so the Shari'a law doesn't seem to put too much of a dampener on young love(!)

Source: Fox News


Andrew Young said...

Don't think using this blog to bash the muslims is a very constructive strategy...

MikeC said...

Having read this blog carefully, I cannot see anything that bashes muslims. I see a blog reporting something is very different to our own views and ideology, and pointing that out, but, what's wrong with that?